Sports Rants will be unveiling a Sports Podcast & Radio Directory that will feature popular podcasts from the Sports Rants member community.

Powered by Elite Rank Media and supported by Sports Rants, this network will provide a dual-website marketing platform for participants while providing fans with access to the podcasts and shows they love.

Sports Rants’ founder and Elite Rank Media’s Anthony DiMoro says this will provide a unique environment for those involved:

“During the process of reviewing applications for those interested in writing for Sports Rants, I noticed that a lot of folks either referenced their own show or asked about being a part of Sports Rants Radio. While we are no longer opening up spots in the Sports Rants Radio lineup, I thought we could create an extension of Sports Rants that would feature quality podcasts from our active member community.

Some time ago, I acquired and had been formulating ideas on how to best utilize the domain.

As of now, I am laying the foundation for a dual platform that will allow qualified & approved members of the Sports Rants community to promote their podcasts via Sports Rants, list their shows in an exclusive section on our site and be featured on as well.

With the support of my company, Elite Rank Media, we will market these platforms to provide an exposure & branding benefit to these members that may not currently be available on the market. With our internet marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing strategies, I feel we can (in time) develop this as a viable resource for podcasters and show hosts.

The key is to create a social engagement standard on Sports Rants that will give our vibrant member community access to more content and to provide podcasts/radio hosts a leveraging opportunity that is truly beneficial without incurring the costs associated with leveraging a marketing campaign.

Most shows are hobbies and others are outlets for those to hone their craft and as someone who started Sports Rants from the ground up, independently, I know how vital internet marketing can be and how costly gaining quality benefits can be as well.

Changing the landscape for the better is my goal and innovation is always what we strive to do.

In the coming months, more details will arise and we will continue developing this project”

For those interested in being on the mailing list for the official BETA launch of this initiative, please email with “Podcast” in the header