We are pleased to roll out the Sports Rants Radio Network and offer FREE packages on top of our Paid Memberships. The Sports Rants Radio Network is a dual purpose collaborative platform that will create hub of sports radio shows and podcasts and connect fans directly with show hosts for ultimate engagement, via Sports Rants’ website. You can Read More about what the Sports Rants Radio Network is by clicking here.

In order to take advantage of the FREE package you must take the following steps before applying:

How To Apply

1. Create A Profile on SportsRant.com (Make and account for your show and each of your hosts)

2. Fully Set Up Profile (upload avatars, bio, etc)

3. Email info@sportsrants.com with the following, with “Sports Rants Radio Network” in the header:

  • Show Title and the sports you discuss (ie: NBA, NFL, NCAA Football, etc)
  • Name of the Show Hosts
  • Twitter profile and Facebook profile info
  • Website URL (If you need a website for your show, let us know here)
  • Sports Rants profile names for Show & Hosts
  • Link(s) to where you show streams (ie: Blog Talk Radio, Live365, etc)
  • Agree to Our Terms (see below)

Once the information is submitted your show will be reviewed. If accepted you will be required to do the following before you listing goes live

1. Place the Sports Rants Image ad linking to SportsRants.com on your homepage (this must remain there during the duration of your listing on SportsRadio.pl)

2. Place the Sports Rants Radio Network affiliate badge on homepage of website (linking to SportsRadio.pl)

3. Email us upon completion


Terms & Agreement

During the duration of your FREE listing on SportsRadio.pl (marketed by Sports Rants and Elite Rank Media) you agree to the following:

1. Be active on SportsRants.com by posting your show episodes on our Activity timeline.

2. Keep both the Badge and SportsRants.com image ads on your homepage (and linked to the appropriate pages) while your listing is active.

3. Connect with other Sports Rants Radio Network hosts and shows to keep this community active and vibrant.